Shari Oster

for Southampton Town Justice

Why am I seeking the position of Southampton Town Justice?

Twenty years ago I moved to Southampton. My husband’s parents had built their home in Southampton in 1962. My father-in-law was a plumber and my mother-in-law an amateur artist. With their friends, they, literally, built their small cottage themselves on Cold Spring Pond. After the death of her husband my mother-in-law was able to enjoy many years in that cottage, living to almost 98 years of age. Over the last years I’ve come to love this town. I’ve witnessed and admired the positive changes. I’m running for Town Justice to maintain the level of integrity and honesty that the residents of Southampton should expect from their public servants.

Shari’s Background

Shari is the daughter of a man who spent his 16th year hiding in a closet in the basement of this family’s apartment house in Vienna, Austria, to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. After escaping to the United States, he would discover that many of his family members who did not leave Austria would be murdered. He would later attain his US citizenship while serving in the Intelligence Corp of the US Army.

Shari’s mother, Viola Stillman, was born in New York. Her parents had immigrated from a shtetl in Poland in 1920. Viola would discover that her grandparents, aunt, and all of her cousins who had not come to America were also slaughtered by the Nazis. Shari’s family came to this Country to be able to live in a place that would allow them to live a safe life and be able to raise their children in the faith of their choice. Shari was raised to respect every person of every race and all faiths and to live a life of integrity.